In the summer of 1998 our founder, Lawrell Studstill, visited Kyoto for the first time.

While taking in the sights, he decided to rest at a tea house on the Philosopher's Walk.  Even though it was a hot and steamy day, he asked for a cup of green tea.  Expecting a hot cup of tea, Lawrell was surprised when a tall glass of ice cold dark green tea was served.  This changed his perception of green tea.  Never before had he tasted the rich signature flavor of Sencha- blended Japanese green tea.  Most of the 'fresh' green tea that he had tasted prior to visiting Japan was in sushi restaurants. Then and there, his love for truly fresh Japanese green tea began. 

Sencha Teahouse is the result of a desire to bring that experience to others.  We provide the freshest small batch blends grown and packaged in Shizuoka and air-shipped directly to the US.  Once you taste the difference, nothing else will do. 

With a deep bow